Faceshield and Covid -19 Mission

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We are looking for team members across the Globe willing to tackle this virus one machine at a time! If you are a maker email us. We want to work together to help other makers in their towns and cities. There is a need for this. The time is limited. We need to act now. We can do this!

Below is the 3d model for download it has been slightly modified. You also need some rubber bads, thin plastic, laminating pouches or something similar for the clear part. If I can help in any way please reach out. 


3D Model Download

3D Printed Faceshield

Wash your hands sign. On sale ships fast and free with code clean19


  • 12″ x 12″ Aluminum Composite
  • Choice of either brushed aluminum or woodgrain finish to compliment any decor,
  • Outdoor Durable
  • Will not rust!
  • Stainless mounting hardware kit included.
  • Made in USA

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Wash your hands sign custom made by Jassgraphix. “Wash your hands & say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere. Our 12” custom made hand washing sign features 3M matte black graphics on beautiful brushed aluminum composite or woodgrain finish. Both of these premium finishes are outdoor durable. Perfect decor for any bathroom wall or kitchen area.  These signs are made in house using our CNC machines and vinyl plotters. These hand washing signs are predrilled and we also include a stainless hardware kit with every purchase. Keep those hands clean! See our response to Covid 19 here 


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Donna’s Bench- A Gift for Mom

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September the 18th 2008, a day I wish I could just erase off of the calendar. The day my Little Big Sister left this earth for a more Heavenly life. Every year since then September has just sucked! Just no other way to put it. Years have passed yet I still struggle just as hard sometimes as it was yesterday. I sure do miss her! I still have my other two big sisters which I am too grateful for, but now there is an empty hole, and has been. Most every year around this time I try to find me a project to work on in honor of my sis Donna. I haven’t done this every single year but over the years I’ve kept my mind occupied by doing what I do, creating something! This is my latest project “In Memory Of Donna Butterfly Bench”. I decided this would be something special for momma as the frame of this old bench used to be Donnas. It sort of had an “extreme makeover”…..

Donna’s Butterfly Bench

custom butterfly bench

Several weeks after Donna died I was in her yard picking up some things, cleaning etc and noticed a bench in one of her flower beds outside. It had some years on it even back then so I just decided to take it on home with me. I placed it out in the front yard where it’s been untouched up until about two years ago when I sat in it and broke it. Since then it’s just been barely standing on it’s own, kind of like how I feel sometimes…Anyhow about two months ago I had a vision of what I could do with this old bench. I took it apart, threw out the old rotten wood, gave the frame a good cleaning and a coat or two of paint, and then found me several pieces of beautiful Poplar wood. This would be the perfect project for our new CNC Router set up we installed a few months ago. So as September started, so did I. It started on the drawing board with some modifications to an existing digital butterfly file I had on hand. From there over to the CNC. After that, staining, clear coating, gold vinyl lettering to install and then more clear coat and finally topped off with some stainless steel bolts and a pair of solar powered LED lighted tip antennas. O yea, a lazer engraved photo we also did on our laser engraver. Whew!

I feel like this is one of my best creations to date. Mom said it was definitely a “work of art”.

I am also accepting orders on a case by case basis for these type “Custom Benches” Any theme is possible. Feel free to contact me and drop me some comments on what you think about “Donna’s Bench”

Love you SIS!





Recycled Vinyl Storage Rack, From Trash to Treasure!

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vinyl storage rack recycledFor many months, maybe even years I have been collecting and saving these cardboard tubes. Every time I order sign vinyl or HTV it normally comes shipped in on a tube. These tubes work well when I ship out custom pageant magnets or large wall decals but for some reason I have just been holding on to these tubes just knowing one day I would find a use for them. That day came today! A recycled vinyl storage wall rack was born. Yesterday it dawned on me as I looked over one of my counters in the main workroom and seeing vinyl and HTV all over the place. I have several of those “store bought” wall racks and many shelves in place and all are over flowing with vinyl. As the holidays are here my inventory continues to grow and I needed a quick fix and a fix it is! I used my handy dandy chop saw to cut these tubes in half then cut them again on a 45 degree angle. Me and the kids then took some 80 grit sandpaper to smooth out that nasty cut the chop saw left behind. From there I found a scrap piece of luan plywood that was already near the size I needed for the part needed to attach the storage rack to the wall. So after we sanded all these fancy cardboard tubes and cleaned all the dust all that was left was hot gluing them to the plywood. 4 wood screws later and viola! A recycled vinyl storage rack “Patent Pending”. It is not the “purdiest” thing, but it works. No back to that “work” I go!

Go green! Or blue, or pink, or red, or camo! We stock most all colors for custom signs, tags, decals and all things graphical! Contact us today with any of your custom sign and apparel needs!

Make it a great one!



Table of Fire, Milan Volunteer Fire Department Table Wrap.

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firefighter wrap for table with true fireIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I thought this fire department table project was blog worthy.  A few weeks ago Mr. Lee Kirkland, Fire Chief of Milan Fire Department text me inquiring about some graphics on a table he was working on. He asked for a quote and we discussed a few things about the layout and using true fire flames or not. He also wanted to use the official patch of Milan FD which we placed on the center of the table as you can see in the pics. I think it turned out fantastic. Lee had prepped the table properly including a nice coat of polyurethane. We then turned to Photoshop to get the firefighter design in order.  From there it was output to a HP latex Printer that produced some of the most vibrant colors and shades I’ve seen off of any wide format printer lately. After the print cured overnight a clear over laminate was applied to the graphic for added durability. After lamination we ran this printed vinyl through our plotters for the contour cut. We did this so the clear areas of the flame would have the natural wood finish showing through and also adds some pop! We used a standard high performance vinyl on this project and it turned out Hot!  I am anxious to see the completed project after Chief Kirkland applies that final coat of polyurethane.  I am so grateful for the work, and grateful for the volunteers of my small town.[quote]They fight what we all fear![/quote]

Don’t forget to check out our custom firefighter tags and shirts!

Have a custom request? We print full color. One inch, or 100″ inches! Contact me 478.231.4548


New Items Added- Custom Monogrammed Shirts

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Monogrammed shirts have been added to the store. Follow the link and get your custom shirt on order.

Dimensional Signs, depth, and debt.

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Today while walking in the shop I ran across a partial sheet of 1.5″ HDU board. Some of that $400 a sheet business. Sign Foam, or high density urethane board. A board that will not rot, not warp, no splinters and CNC and sandblast perfectly. This material is the type you see signs made around or on the coast, hand carved look. The ones that bring in a real heavy price. My day was made since I have a sandblasted sign to do and didn’t need to order that $400 sheet! You can rest assured I will make no mistake on spelling either! This debt, is now in the third dimension.

If you have a custom signage or imaging project don’t hesitate to contact us.

[quote]Everything Imagined, is Everything Created![/quote]

New website launched.

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2014 brings many new great things for us here in South Georgia. With this new content management system along with the new CNC machine and several hundred new items we are excited to bring to you this mobile optimized, responsive, coupon and bonus point friendly all new Jass Graphix website version 3.0. New products are being added into inventory just as fast as possible.