JASS GRAPHIX Spartan Helmet Molon Labe HD 2D License Plate


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Spartan Helmet Molon Labe 2-D Aluminum Composite License Plate fabricated using our in house CNC Machine. This heavy duty car tag is perfect for any American that loves our freedom! The Spartan Helmet logo is cut out of a brilliant brushed aluminum composite material that is attached to the 1/8″ thick custom cut black composite license plate. Overall this beautiful license plate is almost 1/2 thick. Beautiful and durable truck accessory.

  • Super Heavy Duty 1/8″ thick plate with 1/4″ thick emblem. Made to last!
  • Made in the USA! Custom fabricated using our in-house CNC
  • Universal 6″ x 12″ car tag with slots
  • Beautiful Brushed Aluminum Spartan Helmet attached to a dark black ACM License Plate
  • Perfect gift for any freedom loving American!

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