Black Lives Matter License Plate for Auto


  • 6″ x 12″ universal fit
  • Brushed Aluminum Raised Letters
  • Made in USA

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2D Black Lives Matter License Plate in beautiful 2D featuring brushed aluminum graphics.

We stand with you so your message can be heard loud and clear. Black Lives Do Matter!

Black Lives Matter License Plate 2-D fabricated and customized using our in-house CNC Machine and crafted to perfection.This vanity plate is specifically designed for those in mind with the intent of taking a stand for the voices of the African American Culture in hopes for a culture change within our nation through the BLM Movement. Breaching cultural norms on human rights and bringing justice to minority groups is crucial in this time in our society; what better way for your voice to be heard than to speak out through every mile driven with this car tag? This product is the tool needed for anyone in opposition to the current status of our country regarding minorities, objection to cultural and national racism, disapproval regarding prejudices against the African American Cultures, and those hanging on to the hope that one day, our nation will be obliterated from anti-black culture. A world where all African Americans are heard, seen, and known, and have the social, political, and economic power to thrive.Working resolutely for justice in motion, we strive to bring to light the social inequality happening right here in America with this product, and cling to the hope for a nation of justice and equal opportunity. Perfectly crafted brushed aluminum mounted to a durable black metal, this custom design will stand weathering, is outdoor durable, and also American-Made. Compassionately created by our company in support of the BLM Community, this heavy duty car tag is ideal for anyone looking to raise awareness for social injustice using the platform of their vehicle because Black Lives Matter!



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